How It Works (Our Process)

Our goal is to eliminate the financial barriers to psychedelic therapy by providing supplemental funds to those in need. 

We provide access through a scholarship fund that makes psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy treatments affordable to those who need it most.

Thank You Life has assembled a Provider Network of the best psychedelic therapy clinics and psychotherapists in the country, using a thorough vetting and screening process to maintain a high standard of care. 

Clients seeking treatment with these partnered clinics and therapists can apply for financial assistance through Thank You Life, making the cost of treatment feasible.

We are currently only working with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), as it is the only currently legal form of psychedelic-assisted therapy. When more medicines, such as MDMA and psilocybin, are rescheduled for therapeutic use, we will include those as well.

If you are a KAP provider who would like to be considered for our Provider Network, click below.

An Overview of the Process

  1. Providers in our Provider Network reach out to us when they have a client in mind who is a candidate for KAP but cannot afford it. 

  2. If we have enough money in our fund, the provider sends our Financial Assistance Application to the aforementioned client.

  3. Thank You Life then works with the client to decide how much financial assistance will be given, to make the KAP protocol feasible on their end.

  4. The client will pay their therapist or clinic a chosen amount and Thank You Life will send a direct deposit to their therapist for the remaining cost.

Note: we will typically not fund the entire treatment cost, because our providers and our team see the benefit in every client paying some amount, or “having skin in the game.” With that being said, we are willing to fund upwards of 95% of a person’s treatment cost.

Are You Looking for Financial Assistance?

At this time, we cannot yet open up our application to the public, as we do not have enough money in our fund to help everyone who applies for financial aid. 

Soon, when our fund is large enough and when we have KAP providers in every major city, we will be able to open our application up to the public.

For now, we encourage you to visit the directory on our Provider Network page. If there are any providers listed on that page that are in your area, reach out to set up a consultation call. That is the best way to potentially get in our queue for financial assistance, as we diligently build our fund.

Please note that we cannot guarantee any financial assistance if you go that route, but it is possible depending on timing.

“The medicines are not here to save us. They aren’t here to fix us. 

The medicines are here to show us truth in our path. It’s still our work to do.”

– Dr. Dan Engle, Co-Founder & President

Medicines and Clinics

At this time, Thank You Life works solely with US-based clinics.

We work with clinics and therapists who do ketamine-assisted therapy and who are preparing to do MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted therapy when they become legal in the next 12-18 months.

At this time, we do not work with ayahuasca, iboga, or other medicines. If you have a specific need that requires a specific medicine that is not listed, feel free to reach out and we may be able to help you find a solution.


Please note:  We are in an ongoing fundraising effort and are expanding our network of providers weekly. As our fund grows and our Provider Network expands, we anticipate opening scholarship applications up to the public.