Ketamine & KAP Research

Ketamine, as a neuromodulating compound and as an adjunct to therapy in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), is still being studied in clinical settings to further understand mechanisms of action, as well as how to optimize efficacy of this novel treatment.

Reading the research below can illuminate why so many providers, therapists, patients, and advocates are so strongly promoting the continued research of ketamine and KAP for mental health conditions.

While there is still much to learn, we are optimistic that this field can continue to develop and help more and more people suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.

Ketamine treatment for depression: opportunities for clinical innovation and ethical foresight.

Efficacy of Intravenous Ketamine for Treatment of Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression: recent developments and clinical applications.

A Consensus Statement on the Use of Ketamine in the Treatment of Mood Disorders.

Ketamine and Other NMDA Antagonists: Early Clinical Trials and Possible Mechanisms in Depression.

Safety and efficacy of maintenance ketamine treatment in patients with treatment-refractory generalised anxiety and social anxiety disorders

Ketamine for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Trial

Ketamine enhances structural plasticity in human dopaminergic neurons: possible relevance for treatment-resistant depression

Efficacy of ketamine therapy in the treatment of depression

A Study of Ketamine in Patients With Treatment-resistant Depression

Ketamine in the news

Ketamine has been garnering more attention in mainstream news outlets and publications. Click below to read some articles exploring the utilization of ketamine and KAP for various mental health conditions.

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