"I believe every person deserves the opportunity to heal their traumas."

– Dr. Dan Engle, Co-Founder & President

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of the catalyzers of a movement that will positively impact the lives of billions of people in the span of one generation. 

We believe in the healing power of psychedelic medicines, and we believe that everyone who is ready and deemed appropriate for psychedelic therapy deserves access. Our mission is to eliminate the financial barriers to psychedelic therapy by providing supplemental funds to those in need.

Heal the Individual, Heal the Collective

We’re here to help the world heal, starting with addressing the global crisis in mental health by connecting people with the power and promise of psychedelic medicine. We need to make psychedelic therapy accessible, so more people can begin healing now.

Culture of Consciousness

All people are capable of evolving to access deeper levels of love, joy, peace and freedom. As their consciousness evolves, people can live their lives to the fullest and share their unique gifts with the world. We dedicate our financial and human capital to both for-profit and not-for-profit initiatives that support the evolution of consciousness.

Education for Best Practices and Proper Scaling

We’re using the power of numbers to get true insight into psychedelic usage. Our methods range from academic research studies to polling and surveys so that we get a real picture of how these medicines can be used at scale. We publish our findings to inform public perception, education, policy and practices.

Establishing social equity through collaboration

As a society, we have been operating within a system that oppresses entire populations of people and perpetuates cycles of trauma, poverty, and imprisonment. This is not acceptable, and we are committed to playing our part in establishing new systems that promote social equity.

Thank You Life is focused on helping underserved communities gain access to top quality mental healthcare through psychedelic therapy, which we feel is an important part of the larger social equity movement. We are committed to listening to the voices of those who have been oppressed and marginalized, in order to bring lasting change. 

We are honored to partner with organizations who are leading the way in their respective fields, contributing their piece in the pursuit of social equity. 

Additionally, we are teaming up with KAP providers within the BIPOC, veteran, and LGBT+ communities who are committed to offering psychedelic therapy to their marginalized communities.

A special thank you to:

New Earth is a nonprofit organization in Culver City, CA that provides mentor-based arts, educational, vocational programs and wrap-around services that empower at-promise youth ages 13-25 and their families. They support youth to reimagine their lives, move towards positive life choices, and discover their genius as future leaders of tomorrow.

Yana and the New Earth team have been invaluable allies to Thank You Life since the beginning, playing a major role in our inception and formation. To learn more about New Earth, visit their website.

Meet Our Team

Thank You Life is  governed by a single Board of Directors, composed entirely of volunteers from the medical and lay communities.

Our team is led by visionary Co-Founders Dr. Dan Engle and Kevin Cannella, LPC, and we have an ever-growing team of volunteers supporting the mission. Our structure includes a headquarters in Austin, TX with a presence envisioned at thousands of clinics across the United States. 

To inquire about becoming a volunteer with Thank You Life, please reach out via email or contact form.

Dr. Dan Engle

President & Co-Founder

Dr. Dan Engle

Dr. Dan Engle is a psychiatrist with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, psychedelic research, integrative spirituality, and peak performance.

Dr. Engle is an international consultant to several global healing centers facilitating the use of long-standing indigenous plant medicines for healing and awakening.  He is also the founder of Full Spectrum Medicine, a psychedelic integration and educational platform.

Dr. Engle is the author of The Concussion Repair Manual: A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries, as well as his new book, Dose of Hope: A Story of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Kevin Cannella, LPC

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Kevin Cannella is a MAPS-trained psychedelic psychotherapist who has been using non-ordinary states to help himself and others heal for 15 years. His life’s work has been to help people align with their core values and transform. 

His years of experience working with ketamine as a breakthrough tool for his clients’ healing have shown him the unprecedented power of psychedelics in the mental health arena. As a certified MDMA-assisted psychotherapist, Kevin looks forward to the near future when that medicine can be used in the mental healthcare space. 

After 15 years of this type of work, Kevin has recognized the substantial financial obstacle that prevents most people from having access to the help that they need. His intention with Thank You Life is to create a fund that can open up this treatment to the masses.

Meredith Thomas
Director of Philanthropy

Ronny Bilodeau
Marketing & Operations Manager


Kat Gonzalez
Office Manager

Board of Directors

Dr. Vince Franze


Yana Grammer

Yana Grammer

Co-Founder & EVP
New Earth

Aziz Friedrich

Co-Founder & CEO


Kelsey Ramsden

Consultant, Advisor

Laura Lochrane

Guide, Philanthropist, Former President of The Ojai Foundation