Thank you life

Funding a global healing movement through psychedelic therapy

We believe in a world of “net-zero” trauma.

Imagine a world where the millions of people suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction are able to find true healing and live their lives in joy, love, peace, and freedom. A world relieved of trauma – this is what we mean by “net-zero” trauma. With the help of psychedelic-assisted therapy, we believe this world is possible.

The current mental health infrastructure does little to help people actually heal their trauma, but psychedelics, as their FDA “breakthrough therapy” status indicates, can facilitate true healing of the underlying traumas that cause these mental health challenges.

Used in a therapeutic setting, these psychedelic medicines can help us access more profound states of being.

Over the next 10 years, 5,000-6,000 psychedelic treatment centers will be built and tens-of-thousands of therapists will be trained to help the world heal from trauma.

Yet, these treatments are extremely expensive – costing upwards of $10,000-$14,000 per person. Insurance will not cover these costs, creating significant financial barriers for millions.

Our mission is to eliminate the financial barriers to psychedelic therapy and ensure that no one who needs this work will be turned away for lack of finances. 

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Excited about what we’re up to and want to participate? Reach out! Please note: We are in the funding phase and therefore not able to give donations until Spring, 2022.

Who is Thank You Life for?

Thank You Life is for anyone who is ready for psychedelic therapy treatment and who needs financial assistance in paying for this expensive treatment.

We are creating a world where these clinics can serve anyone, regardless of their financial situation, through our funding.

Primary populations that we serve:

• Veterans with PTSD
• Sexual abuse / incest survivors
• Treatment resistant depression
• At-risk / challenged young adults
• End of life / hospice care
• Athletes with TBI

How it works

Through a variety of funding streams, Thank You Life has created a fund to help offset the cost of this expensive but life-changing treatment, aggregating financial resources to help bring psychedelic treatment to those who need it most. 

Our process is straightforward: fill out our application and our team will assess your readiness for psychedelic therapy and your financial need. We will then connect you with a clinic or therapist and supplement the cost of therapy based on your need.

Please note:  We are in the funding phase and therefore not able to process applications nor give donations until Spring, 2022.  Feel free to email us to join the waitlist. 

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"Our greatest obstacles are our best teachers."

Dr. Dan Engle, A Dose of Hope