We are eliminating the financial barriers to psychedelic therapy

Help us revolutionize mental healthcare and help the world heal through psychedelic therapy.

Help us revolutionize mental healthcare and help the world heal through psychedelic therapy.

Real Data From The Treatments We’ve Funded In 2023:


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*Average scores after ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) protocol (~ 3 months of treatment).

The time has come for a paradigm shift in mental health care.


Psychedelic-assisted therapy offers incredible potential for healing, but most people cannot afford it.


for a paradigm shift in mental healthcare.

for a paradigm shift in mental healthcare.

The time has come for a paradigm shift in mental healthcare.

Nearly 1 billion people around the world suffer daily from mental health conditions, often finding very little relief from standard treatment models.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has emerged at a pivotal time as the most promising treatment for a range of debilitating mental health conditions. 

The high financial cost is, however, a major obstacle that prevents most people from accessing these potentially life-changing treatments. 

Funding A Psychiatric Renaissance

We provide access to these potentially life-changing therapies through a scholarship fund, making psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy available to more people.

Through our fund, we are actively delivering best-in-class therapeutic protocols to those in need while also contributing to the body of primary and clinical psychedelic research.

We believe that everyone should have access to top quality, research-backed mental health care.

Words from a sponsor

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“Dr. Bronner’s proudly supports the work of Thank You Life and their efforts to make alternative healing modalities available to those who need it most. We understand the pain & frustration of many Americans for whom current treatments do not work. 

Psychedelic-assisted therapy can open the soul to process difficult and traumatic experiences, break destructive thought patterns and behavior, and help people love themselves and each other, connect to their deeper spiritual being, and find their place within this miraculous living world.”

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Scientific studies reveal what many cultures have known for thousands of years…

psychedelic medicines hold the potential to heal the mind, body, and soul.


After a half-century of stigmatization, recent advances in clinical research indicate that psychedelic-assisted therapy holds great promise in treating some of humanity’s most profound forms of suffering.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is helping many Americans get to the root of their suffering and address the traumas that are fueling their depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Thank You Life exists to help make this revolutionary type of therapy available to everyone who is deemed appropriate. 

What Is Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy?

Psychedelic therapy, or psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, is a modality that leverages the effects of consciousness-altering substances to accelerate, enhance, and deepen the therapeutic process.

Researchers and clinicians often describe three distinct therapy phases:

  1. Preparation:
  2. The acute psychedelic experience (medicine session)
  3. Integration

Patients work with a therapist or a team of people to help explore why they’re taking the psychedelic, what issues they hope to address, and to build trust and rapport. Therapists will also brief the patient on the physical and psychological effects they might experience and give them tips for navigating the possible terrains.

"Our greatest obstacles are often our best teachers."

– Dr. Dan Engle, A Dose of Hope

Whom Do We Serve?
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Thank You Life helps anyone who is deemed ready for psychedelic therapy and who needs financial assistance in paying for the treatment series.

We are creating a world where qualified mental health professionals can serve anyone, regardless of their financial situation, through our funding.

Primary populations that we serve:

  • Adults with treatment-resistant:
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • PTSD
  • Populations prone to high levels of trauma:
    • Veterans
    • BIPOC
    • LGBTQIA+
How It Works

Through a variety of funding streams, Thank You Life has created a fund to help offset the cost of this expensive but life-changing treatment, aggregating financial resources to help bring psychedelic treatment to those who need it most.

One day soon, when we have a network of trusted, vetted KAP providers in every major city in the U.S., we will open up our scholarship application to the public. 

For now, however, our process is straightforward:

  1. When our partnered KAP providers in our Provider Network have a client in need of financial assistance, the client fills out our application.
  2. Our team determines if the client meets our criteria for financial assistance.
  3. Based on the information provided and the total cost of the treatment protocol, our team will work with the client and the KAP provider to decide on a grant amount that makes treatment feasible.

“I am behind the Thank You Life mission because it is my life’s work to ensure that all people have equal opportunity and access – especially when it comes to integrated medicine, healing, and therapeutic services.”

Yana Grammer

– Yana Grammer
Co-Founder & EVP of New Earth
Thank You Life Board of Directors

Yana Grammer

Thank You Life Integration Circle

led by Dr. Olga Sohmer and Alexandra Carelli

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integration circle

Thank You Life hosts regularly scheduled Integration Circles to provide our community the chance to properly harvest and integrate the potentially life-changing insights from psychedelic experiences. 

Led by experienced professionals in the psychedelic therapy field, Dr. Olga Sohmer and Alexandra Carelli, these group circles are FREE and open to anyone interested in engaging in the process of integration

Monthly gatherings

Free to join

Virtual (Zoom)

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Please note:  We are still in an ongoing fundraising effort, though we are proud to share that we are funding some select initiatives. These include mostly group KAP processes through practitioners in our provider network, with some individual KAP protocols as well. We anticipate being able to open up our scholarship application to the public in 2024 once we have more funding and a larger network of vetted KAP providers to serve people across the U.S.